Savvy Saved Coupon Lady

Savvy Saver Coupon Lady aka Heather Bass

Savvy Saver Coupon Lady aka Heather Bass

Need tips on saving money on groceries, toiletries and household necessities? Stayed tuned ….. The Savvy Saved Coupon Lady will be posting her weekly tips. Why are you seeing green? That’s for all the money you are going to save as you embark upon couponing.

Stores she shops at:  Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, Kroger  and CVS

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Savvy Saver Tips  –   3/3/2013


Buy 2 Sunday paper on Saturday and go through the sales circulars.

Question:   Why 2 papers?

Answer:   For the coupon inserts.


Question:   Do I really need 2 sets of coupon inserts?

Answer:   Yes,    If it’s a buy one get one deal you can use a coupon on each item.


Question:  Is it true you get a lot of free items?

Answer: Yes, you will be surprised!


Stay tuned for more tips next week!